Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Box of OMG!

This month I got a box of OMG! through the post I love getting things through the post and I was sups' excited when my mum gave it to me.

She didn't tell me she had signed up for one so it was a big surprise.

Have a little look at what I got in it! And the best thing about it is IT IS FREE!!!!!!!

It came all wrapped up in pink paper which I can use to make stuff with, I have put it in my craft drawer!

I got some Moshi Monster cards, a sample book, a do not disturb sign for my bedroom door! (keep out mum!) lots of leaflets and some Haribo sweets. My favourite was the Moshi Monster Cards. I think my mum should go back on and make sure I get some more boxes through the post.

You can sign up and pay for boxes to make sure you get one every month. I will ask my mum for pocket money so I can get one they are sooo good!

What do you think? Would you like one too? Pop over to Box of OMG! and have a little look yourself.

Monday, 11 August 2014

My #SummerFun Linky Round 2!

Hi, everyone how are you all! I am back off my summer holiday and I really wanted to do my #summerfun linky again to see what all the other kids have been doing on their school holidays.

Last time I only had Sharon from TeenTweenToddler link up, thank you Sharon but I really hope I get more this time around! (pretty please) The rules are really simple

  1. Post must include kids
  2. Must be fun
  3. Can be written by parents or kids
  4. You must share 'coz sharing is caring, so that means please comment on my post, the first one linked and other peoples too please
  5. I would love it if you used my little badge on your blog or linked back to me please :)
You can read more here on my #summerfun linky page if you like!

olivias sups amazing blog

My Week At Pontins

I have just been on holiday to Pontins in Prestatyn Sands with my Nan, Granddad, Aunty Nicky and 3 of my cousins. I didn't take my mum, hehe, I went without her as nanny was just taking the kids on her own!

On the way we had a bit of a squish in the car but it was ok because the journey wasn't that long.(phew,1 hour)

We stayed in a chalet and I was sups' excited to be there it looked like so much fun! I had a whole week there and there was so much to do.

First we decided to go exploring round the holiday park to find our way round so we didn't get lost but luckily we were really close to everything so we didn't have to walk for ages.

We joined in the Kids Club activities playing games with all of the characters of the Croc Crew. We met all of them there was Captain Croc, Florence, Chuckles, Zena, Safari Sam and Sir Cyril. We had our pictures taken with all of them and got every ones autographs too. We done lots of fun things with them like 'empty the tissue box' where you had to be the fastest to empty the box of tissues to win a prize, we played pump up the the pirate, we made owl butties and bread sushi, we met slush puppy I love slushes!. We also went on a treasure hunt to find Captain Croc's treasure off Safari Sam. The Bluecoats and Croc Crew also had disco's on every night for the kids club I liked the disco as I like dancing, we all got up on the dance floor to dance every time we went, it was sups' fun staying up all night partying I was even up past 11 o' clock one night!

On Wednesday night we got to see Count Duckula. There were different acts on the stage every night so it didn't get boring watching the same thing. On the Friday night we saw Ri Rihanna she was my favourite of the whole week, there was even a glow stick night, we all put on glow in the dark headbands, glasses and all kinds!

If that wasn't enough fun we also went swimming, played in the arcades (we all love the 2p machines!) My nanny ans aunty won us all teddies out of the machines, we also went out for the day to Rhyl it was fun 'coz I got to go on the fair while we were there. They also had crazy golf, that was fun everyone played and my cousin won. I loved going on the 4 person bikes that was good.

It was a really, really, really, fun week and I had a sups' amazing time. I loved it and would love to go back another time it was so much fun!

This is my post in my #summerfun linky

Saturday, 2 August 2014

My 1D Jigsaw

I got a round jigsaw of 1D for my birthday ages ago in March and I forgot I had it until my mum found it!

This morning I wanted to do something while I'm waiting to go on my holiday with my nanny 'coz I was bored watching TV. I went to my room to have a look for things to do and there was this jigsaw. I love 1D so I decided to do the jigsaw as it was only little and looked really easy.

We separated all the pieces as on the back they had numbers on them so you know where the pieces go! Sups' easy!

It only took me about 10 minutes to do and I didn't even need my mum to help do it at all because she couldn't put them together properly, silly mummy!

The finished jigsaw is a really small ball with all the pictures of the 1D boys on it, my favourite is Harry.

I really enjoyed doing it and think I might put some more on my xmas list hehe, see what other jigsaw creations there are to make.

Friday, 1 August 2014

*Competition:Win A Loom Band Travel case with Loom Bands and Accessories*

I'm having a competition!

All kids love Loom Bands, even parents too so I thought I would get my mum to get me some to give away on my blog so we can help some other kids make loom band creations too.

I am giving away a travel size box filled with loom bands and some accessories to put on whatever you make I hope you like them!

The competition will only run for 2 weeks so we can get them to some lucky kids before the end of the school holidays, just in case you have run out!

I am using rafflecopter so make sure you fill in all the bits the right way (I will get my mum to check!) and at the end of the competition we will email the winner so we can get the prize out in the post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Win competitions at

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#Summerfun Link Up

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my new link up!

For the school summer holidays I decided I wanted to do a brand new linky just for kids!

The theme of my new linky is.......... #Summerfun

All kids love to have lots and lots of fun so I thought we could all get together and tell each other about the kind of fun we are having. The posts can be your own blog, your parents blog or your parents writing about all the fun things you have been getting up to with them. It can be about absolutely anything as long as you had a sups' amazing time doing it! You can read all the rules here on my #Summerfun link up page.

I love getting comments on my blog and I think other people do too so please leave me a comment when you have linked up, mine will be the first one linked up and I will comment on everyone's blog too promise (mum: I will make sure she does too!) and I would love it if you would leave some comments on other peoples blogs too sharing is caring!

I hope you love it I know I will and I look forward to reading your fab posts!

Thanks love Olivia

p.s. feel free to grab my badge or just link back to my blog please xx

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

joy time in vale park

Yesterday I went to Vale Park with my aunty and cousins and my mums friend and her little boy. I wanted to go the cinema and for a picnic but my aunty text my mum to ask if we wanted to go Joytime in the park.

Joytime is like a show with singing and dancing and a talent competition. We had a picnic in the park and I got to play on the exercise equipment. I love playing on the exercise equipment in the park!

When we went in to watch Joytime we got some deckchairs, my mum couldn't put it up so I said "just wait mum I'll do it for you, I know what I'm doing!" It's not like it was even that hard really!

I had lots of fun dancing to the party songs ,my favourite was chocco latte song. I didn't win a prize for dancing but it was still fun.

It was really hot out and I was trying to stay in the shade but I had to go and sit in my baby cousins tent 'coz I was sweating! I watched the talent show and lots of girls were singing songs from Frozen. I know all the words to all the songs so I think I might go up and sing when I go back another day. I hope I get to go and watch it lots in the holidays, my mum said she did was she was a kid so I think it must of been going on forever and ever!

I had a sups' amazing day in the park and then we went to my nan's for a BBQ and I got to play with all my cousins! It was so much fun I hope every day of the holidays is this much fun!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

My First X-Ray

On Wednesday I went to the doctors with my mum. My leg has been hurting for ages and my mum said we need to get it checked by the doctor.

The doctor said I needed to go for an x-ray just to get it checked to see why it was hurting. I didn't want to go  but my mum said it wouldn't hurt and it was just a machine that takes pictures of your bones. I like taking selfies and I thought it would be like that.

We had to be quick as it was closing at 5 so we rushed to the hospital before it closed.

When I went into the x-ray room it was big with a bed in the middle which I had to lie down on so the machine could take my picture. They put something underneath me so they could get a picture. My mum came in with me but had to stand behind the screen when they took the picture but it's ok I wasn't scared.

I find out the results on Friday but I hope it helps my leg get better.

chillaxing waiting to check my x-ray

Monday, 16 June 2014

An Adventure At The Park

Today me and my mum went to the park. We didn't go for a run but we had a walk past the pond and I went on the skiing exerciser then on the swings. On the way back I took my mum up the hill and we had an mini adventure on the way down that is what is on my video.

I hope you like it.

Monday, 9 June 2014

My First Run

Tonight I went for a run with my mum. I normally go on my scooter but it is at my auntie Nicky's. We went to get bottles of water from the shop but it started raining so we went back home.

We walked to Central Park then ran to the swings so I could play. I went on the swings then ran on the grass past people doing exercises.

The park has exercise equipment so me an my mum went on some of them before going back to the swings.
We also walked up the hills then walked home.

I am exhausted now but it was fun, I can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The School for Good and Evil

My mum got a book for me to review. It is called The School for Good and Evil and we also got the second book A World Without Princes.

It was a long book and I couldn't read it all so my mum read it and told me what happened. She also read me parts from the story that she thought I would like. 

I liked Sophie as she was pretty and wanted to be a princess, I like princesses. Her friend Agatha lived in a graveyard and it was creepy. Sophie wanted to be kidnapped so she could go to the school for good and be a princess. It was sad when she got put into the school for evil. It sounded really scary and yucky but Agatha was still her friend and that was nice.

It sounded really good in the school for good and Sophie and Agatha had some really good adventures in the school but I was happy that they got to go home at the end.

When I am a bit older and can read more I will read the book myself because it sounds really good but my cousin Ellie is reading it now and she likes it too.

My mum has a competition on her blog to win a copy of The School for Good and Evil:A World Without Princes on her blog 

*Note from mum: I was sent copies of the above mentioned books to review all opinions on this and other blogs are our own*

Monday, 26 May 2014

Loom Bands

I love my loom bands. My cousin Ellie showed me how to make them and now we make them together. I can make the curly and the straight ones and I have made keyrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces I have made loads of them.

My mum also got me some charms to put on them to. They are hearts and cupcakes.

I like making loom bands it is fun but it does hurt my fingers if have been doing it for a while. It was kind of hard when I started but I find it easy now.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Word of the Week: School

On Monday I went back to school after the Easter break.

I didn't want to go back to school!

I have started a new after school club. Which is Zumba on a Tuesday every week except next week. I didn't want to go but I had fun. I learnt new dance moves and the first song I danced to was Word Up by Little Mix. Also on  a Tuesday we have a raffle before we go home I have only won 2 or 3 times we got to pick our prize from the raffle box.

We went on fizz books to go onto the Quentin Blake site. We had to work in partners my partner was Joe. Me and Joe done questions and answered them.
I also got a good to be green award and pencil. This is for being good all term and not getting a red or yellow card. My attendance was 99% I got a certificate for this too. I now have 2 99% and 1 100% certificates.

I played Frozen with my friends at lunchtime and play time. I was Anna.

We got new topic books for 'Why is Wirral special?'

I had fun at school this week.

This is why school is my word of the week

The Reading Residence

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I Went To Blackpool

On Friday I went to Blackpool with my mum.

We went to see the waxworks at Madame Tussauds. Simon Cowell freaked me out! I didn't like him.

I liked Ant and Dec, I took my picture with them.

I liked the footballers and Coronation Street too. My favourite was the Ballerina (Mum; Darcey Bussell)

I got a goodie bag of the staff and I sang Let It Go with the manager too.
When we left we went on a horse and carriage ride. It was pink and looked like Cinderella's.

Then we went to Blackpool Tower. I was scared it was high but we went to watch the 4D movie. I liked it and then we went up the lift to the top of the tower.

I didn't want to walk on the glass or look over the edge but my mum looked with me but I didn't go on the glass. And we went up even higher too.

I had a sups' amazing day out with my mum in Blackpool and I went on the fair but we came home early because it started to rain.

*Note from Mum: I was supplied with tickets to visit Madame Tussauds and upon arrival we also received complimentary tickets to visit Blackpool Tower too. These are Olivia's own thoughts on our day out and full disclosure is given on my post over on One Frazzled Mum*

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Image sourced from Kidscreen
This is Elsa from frozen!
I like Frozen because its adventures. My favourite part is when Elsa builds her ice castle.

I know all the words to the songs and my favourite song is Let It Go. My dad bought me the DVD, it was the last one in Asda, and my mum downloaded it onto her phone for us to watch.

  • These are the characters names:
  • Elsa
  • Anna
  • Kristoff
  • Olaf
  • Hans
  • Sven
  • Duke of Weselton

You can even see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled. 
I like the marshmallow monster that Elsa made it looks so cuddly and a little bit scary! I like the coronation when Elsa became queen. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Monster High Dolls


I have 5 Monster High Dolls and 1 special one.

I have Clawdeen, Cleo, Elissabat, Frankie Stein, Spectra and one I got in a set to make my own monster.

Spectra screams and glows and Clawdeen throws her head back and howls.

I would like Robecca Steam, Operetta, Abbey, Gigi and Honey Swamp as well.

All my Monster High dolls


Sunday, 6 April 2014

My summer dresses! ON THE CATWALK!

This is my catwalk in the dresses for the sunny summer!
All dresses are from Primark.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My Presents

For my birthday I got Make my own slippers , hair kit, barbie dolls, 1D poster book,monster high hair studio kit, 1D puzzle,make your own  hair clips, treasure my stuffed kitty!

I got Treasure from the build a bear shop in Manchester.

My favourite present was Treasure.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Hi I am Olivia


My name is Olivia and my birthday was on Friday and now I am 8.

I wrote a post on my mummies blog and I wanted to do my own blog.

I like Monster High, Disney Channel, playing Monopoly and board games. I love playing with all my dolls.

My favourite food is bread with tuna I am a bread monster!

My favourite flower is a rose because it is red.

My favourite book is Goldie the sunshine fairy from the Rainbow Fairy collection.