Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The School for Good and Evil

My mum got a book for me to review. It is called The School for Good and Evil and we also got the second book A World Without Princes.

It was a long book and I couldn't read it all so my mum read it and told me what happened. She also read me parts from the story that she thought I would like. 

I liked Sophie as she was pretty and wanted to be a princess, I like princesses. Her friend Agatha lived in a graveyard and it was creepy. Sophie wanted to be kidnapped so she could go to the school for good and be a princess. It was sad when she got put into the school for evil. It sounded really scary and yucky but Agatha was still her friend and that was nice.

It sounded really good in the school for good and Sophie and Agatha had some really good adventures in the school but I was happy that they got to go home at the end.

When I am a bit older and can read more I will read the book myself because it sounds really good but my cousin Ellie is reading it now and she likes it too.

My mum has a competition on her blog to win a copy of The School for Good and Evil:A World Without Princes on her blog 

*Note from mum: I was sent copies of the above mentioned books to review all opinions on this and other blogs are our own*

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