Thursday, 26 June 2014

My First X-Ray

On Wednesday I went to the doctors with my mum. My leg has been hurting for ages and my mum said we need to get it checked by the doctor.

The doctor said I needed to go for an x-ray just to get it checked to see why it was hurting. I didn't want to go  but my mum said it wouldn't hurt and it was just a machine that takes pictures of your bones. I like taking selfies and I thought it would be like that.

We had to be quick as it was closing at 5 so we rushed to the hospital before it closed.

When I went into the x-ray room it was big with a bed in the middle which I had to lie down on so the machine could take my picture. They put something underneath me so they could get a picture. My mum came in with me but had to stand behind the screen when they took the picture but it's ok I wasn't scared.

I find out the results on Friday but I hope it helps my leg get better.

chillaxing waiting to check my x-ray


  1. Hope your leg gets better soon sweetie. Make sure you let us know. I think you were very brave on your first x-ray as they can be a bit daunting xx #sharewithme

  2. The GL Gang say - Get Well Soon and we're sending you an XL MEGA Hi-5 which we hope will help. Just remember, Haribo have AWESOME medicinal properties!!! he he #sharewithme

  3. Here's hoping you're feeling better already x

  4. I hope the results are good for your leg! So brave of you on your very first xray! Great job! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

    1. thanks I havn't had the results yet but i will let yoyu no