Wednesday, 23 July 2014

#Summerfun Link Up

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my new link up!

For the school summer holidays I decided I wanted to do a brand new linky just for kids!

The theme of my new linky is.......... #Summerfun

All kids love to have lots and lots of fun so I thought we could all get together and tell each other about the kind of fun we are having. The posts can be your own blog, your parents blog or your parents writing about all the fun things you have been getting up to with them. It can be about absolutely anything as long as you had a sups' amazing time doing it! You can read all the rules here on my #Summerfun link up page.

I love getting comments on my blog and I think other people do too so please leave me a comment when you have linked up, mine will be the first one linked up and I will comment on everyone's blog too promise (mum: I will make sure she does too!) and I would love it if you would leave some comments on other peoples blogs too sharing is caring!

I hope you love it I know I will and I look forward to reading your fab posts!

Thanks love Olivia

p.s. feel free to grab my badge or just link back to my blog please xx

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

joy time in vale park

Yesterday I went to Vale Park with my aunty and cousins and my mums friend and her little boy. I wanted to go the cinema and for a picnic but my aunty text my mum to ask if we wanted to go Joytime in the park.

Joytime is like a show with singing and dancing and a talent competition. We had a picnic in the park and I got to play on the exercise equipment. I love playing on the exercise equipment in the park!

When we went in to watch Joytime we got some deckchairs, my mum couldn't put it up so I said "just wait mum I'll do it for you, I know what I'm doing!" It's not like it was even that hard really!

I had lots of fun dancing to the party songs ,my favourite was chocco latte song. I didn't win a prize for dancing but it was still fun.

It was really hot out and I was trying to stay in the shade but I had to go and sit in my baby cousins tent 'coz I was sweating! I watched the talent show and lots of girls were singing songs from Frozen. I know all the words to all the songs so I think I might go up and sing when I go back another day. I hope I get to go and watch it lots in the holidays, my mum said she did was she was a kid so I think it must of been going on forever and ever!

I had a sups' amazing day in the park and then we went to my nan's for a BBQ and I got to play with all my cousins! It was so much fun I hope every day of the holidays is this much fun!