Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Box of OMG!

This month I got a box of OMG! through the post I love getting things through the post and I was sups' excited when my mum gave it to me.

She didn't tell me she had signed up for one so it was a big surprise.

Have a little look at what I got in it! And the best thing about it is IT IS FREE!!!!!!!

It came all wrapped up in pink paper which I can use to make stuff with, I have put it in my craft drawer!

I got some Moshi Monster cards, a sample book, a do not disturb sign for my bedroom door! (keep out mum!) lots of leaflets and some Haribo sweets. My favourite was the Moshi Monster Cards. I think my mum should go back on and make sure I get some more boxes through the post.

You can sign up and pay for boxes to make sure you get one every month. I will ask my mum for pocket money so I can get one they are sooo good!

What do you think? Would you like one too? Pop over to Box of OMG! and have a little look yourself.

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