Monday, 11 August 2014

My Week At Pontins

I have just been on holiday to Pontins in Prestatyn Sands with my Nan, Granddad, Aunty Nicky and 3 of my cousins. I didn't take my mum, hehe, I went without her as nanny was just taking the kids on her own!

On the way we had a bit of a squish in the car but it was ok because the journey wasn't that long.(phew,1 hour)

We stayed in a chalet and I was sups' excited to be there it looked like so much fun! I had a whole week there and there was so much to do.

First we decided to go exploring round the holiday park to find our way round so we didn't get lost but luckily we were really close to everything so we didn't have to walk for ages.

We joined in the Kids Club activities playing games with all of the characters of the Croc Crew. We met all of them there was Captain Croc, Florence, Chuckles, Zena, Safari Sam and Sir Cyril. We had our pictures taken with all of them and got every ones autographs too. We done lots of fun things with them like 'empty the tissue box' where you had to be the fastest to empty the box of tissues to win a prize, we played pump up the the pirate, we made owl butties and bread sushi, we met slush puppy I love slushes!. We also went on a treasure hunt to find Captain Croc's treasure off Safari Sam. The Bluecoats and Croc Crew also had disco's on every night for the kids club I liked the disco as I like dancing, we all got up on the dance floor to dance every time we went, it was sups' fun staying up all night partying I was even up past 11 o' clock one night!

On Wednesday night we got to see Count Duckula. There were different acts on the stage every night so it didn't get boring watching the same thing. On the Friday night we saw Ri Rihanna she was my favourite of the whole week, there was even a glow stick night, we all put on glow in the dark headbands, glasses and all kinds!

If that wasn't enough fun we also went swimming, played in the arcades (we all love the 2p machines!) My nanny ans aunty won us all teddies out of the machines, we also went out for the day to Rhyl it was fun 'coz I got to go on the fair while we were there. They also had crazy golf, that was fun everyone played and my cousin won. I loved going on the 4 person bikes that was good.

It was a really, really, really, fun week and I had a sups' amazing time. I loved it and would love to go back another time it was so much fun!

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